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Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy, (NY)

“I took a 5-day surgical course and I have to say that it exceeded all of my expectations. Doing 15 hrs per day of surgery under the supervision of an excellent surgeon like Dr. Panjali will give you confidence if you are a newcomer to implantology and you will improve your skills if you are an experienced dentist. Thank you, Daniella and Dr. Panjali for a great experience!!”

Dr. John Kim, (NY)

“If you’re thinking of taking a live surgery course and just not sure which one to choose, you don’t need to look any further because NYII is the one for you! Having taken the 5 days course it totally lived up to what it claimed to be; no sharing of patients, over 15 hours of intense surgeries every day, you get to perform the procedure you want to experience. The program was well run by a wonderful staff, amazing patients, and a great instructor, Dr. Panjali. With the knowledge, confidence, and skills you gain you’ll come back to your office knowing that you can do the procedures which may have been intimidating before.”

Dr. Andrew Moshman, (NY)

“I just got back from the four-day implant surgical course. It was phenomenal. I researched about eight or nine different programs before ultimately deciding on the New York Implant Institute and I can say without any hesitation that I made the right choice! Dr. Panjali has profound knowledge and he is a pleasure to learn from. I give my highest recommendation to take this course for anyone looking to improve her or his skills in implantology.”

Dr. Sandra Song, (NJ)

“I found this course through a dental supply rep and didn’t know anyone who took the course but I am so glad I decided to take the course! Dr. Panjali is an extremely knowledgeable and a great instructor. He was constantly teaching and giving practical clinical advice during the course – in the clinic, during meals and even car rides to the hotel. There were only six participants in my group with two instructors and plenty of patients. Each participant requested procedures they wanted to learn and Dr. Panjali made sure to fulfill those requests. I placed more than twenty implants, internal sinus lift, and immediate implants. It was an invaluable three days and I returned to my office with confidence to place implants on my own. I highly recommend this course- to a beginner to an experienced practitioner.”

Dr. Melissa Paige, (NY)

“​Dr. Panjali is a superior doctor and teacher. He understands each student’s needs -and then offers a more specialized and individualized course of learning. He is dedicated to his students and is even available to answer questions when the course is over, when back in the USA. Since the course, I consider Dr. Panjali to be my friend and a mentor. I look forward to seeing him again at the Greater NY Dental Meeting in November. The course was just outstanding! I learned a lot.”

Dr. Aatiph Ansari, (MA)

“I took stage 1, 2 and 3 (5 days). For someone who never placed an implant before this was the best thing, I could have done. I placed over 60 implants, had complications and more importantly, managed them under Dr. P’s supervision. There is so much to say that I would recommend you message me if you have any specific questions. But Daniella and Dr. P were amazing. Dr. P is up-to-date and everything presented is backed with evidence-based literature. The key is that this is high-yield and if you’re not serious, then don’t come, you will tire yourself out but if you’re willing to learn, think of this as a mini-residency program with fantastic clinical experience.”

Dr. Ghanem Ghanem, (MI)

“What makes the course exceptional, and a cut above the rest, is you can go if you have never placed an implant, or if you have placed many, but want to do sinus lifts, or bone grafting. Let Dr. Panjali know what you want to concentrate on, and he will make sure you will get the practice in the area you want. And when you are done, he is an e-mail away if you have cases you want to go over. And he doesn’t charge for that as other teaching centers do. Simply the best!”

Dr. Oz Bandey, (MA)

“An amazing experience! Dr. Panjali has a wealth of knowledge that is a treasure trove for any dentist. He brings to the clinical setting a sense of confidence that is infectious amongst his students. I will definitely be going back for another round of surgeries!! Thank you, team!!”

Dr. Asya Shor, (NY)

“Last 5 days I’ve been fortunate to participate in the implant course with Dr. Panjali (New York Implant Institute). Besides the fact that in 3 days I placed 53 implants, did 6 sinus lifts, 2 ridge splits with bone expansions, tori removal, bone augmentation with PRFs and iPRFs, I had an amazing time with the group of amiable people everyone with a sharp sense of humor. Thank you, Drs. Panjali, Kalil, Mazlin, Silvestri and of course Daniela, Rose and Eric for an amazing time.”

Dr. Joe Santilli, (MA)

“Wanting to begin placing dental implants in my practice, I began researching courses in early 2016. Upon a recommendation from a colleague, I took Dr. Panjali’s level 1 course. After 3 days of intense lectures and hands-on experience placing implants into pig jaws, I was very impressed with how personalized the course was. I took the 3-day live surgery course in the Dominican Republic several months later. I was able to place around 20 implants, perform sinus lifts, and a couple of guided bone regeneration cases using PRF in the 3 days I was there. Needless to say, I was more than blown away with the experience! I highly recommend this program to anyone whether you’ve never placed an implant or have been doing it for years. I look forward to going back in the future to perform more advanced surgeries!”

Dr. Andrew Moshman, (NY)

“I just got back from the four-day implant surgical course. It was phenomenal. I researched about eight or nine different programs before ultimately deciding on the New York Implant Institute and I can say without any hesitation that I made the right choice! Dr. Panjali has profound knowledge and he is a pleasure to learn from. I give my highest recommendation to take this course for anyone looking to improve her or his skills in implantology.”

Dr. David End, (Manchester)

“Dr. Panjali – what a great course you provide. I thoroughly enjoyed course. Learned a huge amount and helped me understand many of my misconceptions. Live surgery is a great chance to enhance your surgical skills under the guidance of a fantastic mentor. There is so much you have access to in terms of implants and tools to carry out many different procedures. From implant placement including immediate implants to sinus lifts/prf membranes/grafting techniques/-you can get it all. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do implants or is already doing them. On top of that, you get amazing support after the course -response to emails is almost spontaneous. Thanks for everything.”

Craig Henry DDS, (NY)

“New York Implant Institute 4 day Live Surgery course is, where didactic learning and real-world implant surgery come together. With a rich variety of patients available Dr. Panjali takes patient selection to your experience level, then expands your comfort level in doing advance surgical procedures. This is one serious “implant boot camp.” You will be continuously working and learning for long hours.”

Arnold Maloff DDS, (MA)

“If you are interested in learning the nuts and bolts of implants then, this is your course!! Dr. Panjali is a terrific educator. Your learning is his goal and he gets directly involved with that. This is by far the best Implant Live surgery course.”

George Mighion DDS, (IN)

“Dr. Panjali is a great educator. He Encourages questions and the small size of the class is GREAT because it allows more one on one interaction. I signed up for his advance Live surgery course soon after the first didactic course. He has tremendous knowledge and helps develop your skills. I love the small number of participants which allows for much help as you require and the ability to place 30-50 implants. Dr. Panjali encourages you to try all types of surgeries. Some of the most important learning occurs at dinners and breakfast table where he is there to answer all the questions. I would recommend this course for three reasons (1) Absolutely great teacher (2) Smaller Class size (3) You work on actual patients under direct supervision.”

Michael Teng DDS, (NY)

“Dr. Panjali is very organized and articulated each point and every aspect of implants very well. His course is geared towards the attendees and focused on their concerns.”

Michael Swartz DDS, (NY)

“I took the introductory surgical course with Dr. Panjali to get my feet wet in surgical Implantology. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Panjali’s knowledge, experience, and dedication. This inspired me to take his 4-day comprehensive Live course in Mexico. What an amazing experience! I truly feel comfortable now in the surgical placement of implants. I attribute this to his passion for the subject and his going above and beyond to impart his considerable skills, knowledge & experience in implantology.”

El. Peliaton DDS, (NY)

“Dr. Panjali is a superb instructor and the course was more than what I expected. I feel energized and motivated to take a new perspective with a myriad of information. The staff was supportive, efficient and more than we can ask for.”

Dr. S. Mukar DDS, (MA)

“This four day Live Surgery course was exactly what I was looking for. The instructor and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. This course has allowed me to place implants, manage complication and also presents various ways of achieving your clinical objective. I strongly recommend this course to any clinician wishing to incorporate implant dentistry in their office.”

Dr. Joshua Chopp DMD, (NY)

“This is the course to take if you were always hesitant, but want to surgically place implants. Dr. Panjali is super. He gives you confidence and thoroughly prepares you for your first live surgery. You will go back to your office with enthusiasm ready to do simple cases.”

Dr. Gila Jeawab, (NY)

“Dr. Panjali is a gem! He teaches so clearly that you immediately feel confident to go back to your office and start placing implants. Dr. Panjali really cares about every individual in the course and is interested in everyone’s success.”

Dr. Sheldon Milo DDS, (NY)

“This was the best course I have ever taken in my 27 years of practice. I am confident that I have learned the material as presented to start placing implants in my office tomorrow morning. Dr. Panjali really cares about this subject and has imparted his love of it to his students. The actual surgical procedure done on a live patient provided by the program was the cherry on top of the dessert. I know I can do this.”

Dr. Ian Lerner DDS, (NY)

“One of the best hands-on courses I have ever taken. A unique way to learn implant dentistry in a small intimate group setting, where students and instructors can have the time to communicate and interact effectively. I am going to recommend this course and its instructor to anyone interested in learning and doing implant dentistry for the first time!”

Dr. Jade Johnson DDS, (NY)

“Very informative course. Encourages one to seek information and proceed with scientifically backed treatment. I particularly like the way he simplifies explanations. The instructor develops a positive attitude and provides complete confidence in pacing Implants. I will recommend this course to everybody.”

David Young DMD, (NJ)

“This was a fabulous course. A lot of the material covered will add to my knowledge of implants and allow me to provide additional services to my patients.”

Kapil Kundra DDS, (NJ)

“Dr. Panjali was great! All covered topics were very well explained. He gave enough time to explain and made us understand concepts that were new, unique and were never explained the way they were in this course. I highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to learn more about implant dentistry.”

Joel Doyon DDS, FAGD, (ME)

“Dr. Panjali brings a lot of knowledge and excitement to his lecture. He cites literature without boring us with too many similar situations. He’s not ashamed to show his failures and use them as teaching points. I enjoyed the small group size and personal attention. Excellent course and well worth my time and money.”

Venu Maturi DDS, FAGD (IL)

“This course was to the point without any fillers. I got exactly what I was expecting to achieve with this course. The course was focused on possible mistakes that a beginner or even an experienced clinician could make, and then learning how to fix those mistakes or avoid them, was very useful information. Great job Aeklavya!!!! I am looking forward to taking another course from you.”

Thaida Duong DMD, (CT)

“When Dr. Panjali says we should be ready and confident to place implants, he was right. The hands-on portion of the course was amazing. The Live Patient was great even though I did not have my own patient. Also, Dr. Panjali is humble, not like others who only show their successful cases.”

Van Chimmiri DDS, FAGD, (CT)

“This is the BEST course on implants ever !! Comprehensive, practical and easy to understand. Hands-on and live surgery made all the difference. I would recommend this course to anyone that is starting out. Best of luck.”

Dorothy Kassab DDS, (NY)

“I have wanted to place implants for a long time.  After taking several courses I still had a fear of placing implants.  I never believed I would ever place implants. Recently, my colleague recommended taking Dr. Panjali’s hands-on basic implant course. It was exceptional in many ways. All the basic knowledge was presented and hands-on techniques thoroughly reviewed. In addition, several implant systems were suggested and taught but the technique is meant to be used with any implant system. We had the opportunity to bring our own patient and place our first implant. I felt prepared and was able to go back to my office and place an implant 3 days after the course. Now I have also taken Dr. Panjali’s immediate placement course which covered thoroughly bone grafting, membranes, indications for immediate placement, and suturing technique. Dr. Panjali is an excellent educator and we are very fortunate to have him in our area. His teaching skills compare to the top present speakers. I would highly recommend his course for beginners, as well as, a refresher course or as an update in implant dentistry. In addition, Dr. Panjali is always available for support and questions after the course for all his students.”

Zina A. Berry D.D.S., (NY)

“Upon completion of the training/educational course with Aeklavya Panjali, I am truly striving to become a protégé of his.  I must say he is definitely one of the most inspirational persons in this line of work I have been able to learn from. His in-depth knowledge of the technique and placement of bone grafting was extremely supportive of the learning experience. Dr. Panjali is exceptionally compassionate with the work he does and that compassion exuberated onto us as we listened to him speak. I must say that I have come back to my practice with a better understanding of the implant procedure and feel that I have learned invaluable amounts from Dr. Panjali. I continue to read the notes and practice what I have taken from the seminar to enhance my technique with the procedure. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

R. Bhullar DDS, Fort Washington, (MD)

“This course has given me the confidence that I was lacking. I placed my first implant at this course and now I am placing and restoring implants on a regular basis. I recommend this course to anyone that is either starting or wishing to improve clinical skills. Thank you for everything and I look forward to taking advance courses in the future.”

Dr. Rachel Awad, (NY)

” This course was just what I needed! I had been looking for a long time and I am so very happy I chose this course. Dr. Panjali and all of the assistants and staff were so kind and helpful. In the course of just a few days, I feel like I gained years of knowledge and skill. I will be highly recommending to friends and associates. Thank you so so so much! “

Dr. David Kroner, (NY)

” Great!!! Unexpected and very good education and experience. Highly recommended. Will send my associates right away. The course went beyond my expectations. Amazing hands-on experience and guidance. I don\’t do much surgery in the office, but now I am so much more comfortable and excited to so more surgery and implants. Thank you! “

Dr. Sara Bahman, (Canada)

” Great experience. I was able to do procedures I would never had the confidence to do. This course was an amazing experience. I never thought I would be able to have the opportunity to complete the surgeries I was able to do during these 4 days. Thank you, Dr. Panjali! “

Dr. Michael Dong, (VA)

” Great hands-on experience: a year\’s worth over 5 days. Dr. Panjali was a great teacher and mentor with so invaluable knowledge.  “

Dr. John Kong, (NY)

” Excellent course to gain real skill sets in implant dentistry. The course was a real confidence builder. Highly recommended. “

Dr. Joseph Bajtner, (NY)

” Dr. Panjali is one of the most unique instructors I have come across. His enthusiasm and love for dentistry is contagious. He is an incredible teacher and an incredible clinician. I will recommend any of his courses. “

Dr. Robert Guller, (NJ)

” Excellent course – Beyond expectations. Dr. Panjali is a great instructor, extremely knowledgeable and a true gentleman. Assistants are exceptional and they were great always. Thank you so much. “

Chrysostor DMD

Dr. Panjali is without a doubt one of the finest and well-prepared instructors. I have ever had the pleasure to be taught by. He is amazing as well as an encouragement to all in his audience. He will be considered as the Major advancement and turning point in my Dental Career of over 47 years.

Marie S

It was a very challenging experience for me. I have learned many techniques. It’s given me more professional confidence and after a long time without practice I would receive this course because you learn exactly what not to do, which is more important than memory techniques and theories. Dr. Panjali told us About all the Mistakes to avoid. Good Instructor and Good Course.   Thank you!

Ali Ayoub

Great Course, Great instructor, and Friendly Environment. The course exceeded expectations, looking forward to other courses offered by Dr. Panjali.

James McGrath

I thoroughly enjoy the course. Dr. Panjali is friendly and extremely knowledgeable and the hands-on- Training provided in this course is second to none!

Yefim Khanimar

Great Instructor and staff, very helpful during the practical stage. Always available for practical discussion and advice. Would definitely recommend the course to anybody interested in learning how to place dental Implants, bone graft and sinus elvation. 

Mandeep Hura

Like surgeries on managing restorative problems.